Chiropractic Care to Whiplash Injuries

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Whiplash refers to injuries of the muscles in the neck that are caused due to the abrupt forward, backward, or sideways movements of the head during accidents. Accidents can happen in the car, on the playground or at the workplace. The worst danger of whiplash is that its symptoms may take several years to develop, before which the patient may remain oblivious to the matter.


The symptoms of whiplash include stiffness of the neck possibly accompanied by pain, headache, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, difficulty in swallowing, blurred vision, nausea, pain between shoulder blades and many more. If someone is experiencing any of these symptoms, they should go for a chiropractic check up.


Chiropractors can provide solutions for the mechanisms of neck sprain and consequently provide a cure for whiplash. The approach of chiropractic treatment in curing whiplash is to optimize the movements of the spine, take care of the spinal discs, lessen muscle spasms and muscle strength. As every case of whiplash is from the other, it is to generalize the chiropractic therapy for whiplash injuries. The chiropractic treatment is unique for every whiplash injury and is directed towards the primary dysfunctions detected during the chiropractic exam.


Nevertheless, chiropractic doctors practically use chiropractic treatments for whiplash which include:


1.Chiropractic Manipulation.


The whiplash for chiropractic , joint dysfunction, or spinal manipulation includes short thrusts or gentle movements of the impaired area or joints in the restricted direction, done by the chiropractic doctor.


2.Muscle Stimulation or Relaxation


This unique chiropractic treatment includes gentle stretches of the muscle which has too much tension or repetitive contractions. Vigorous stretches can be applied by the chiropractic doctor if the muscles are tight.


3. Exercises for Whiplash


Different kinds for exercises, like the McKenzie exercises and Sensorimotor/Stabilization exercises are used as part of chiropractic for treating whiplash injuries. The McKenzie exercise is purposely designed to lessen or the disc misalignment which is to the whiplash injury. These simple movements which are at first taught by the chiropractic doctors but can be performed on your own, within the comforts of your house.

Sensorimotor or Stabilization exercises and techniques intend to the flawed movements and patterns in routine activities and life. This kind of chiropractic prepares the nervous system to coordinate and improves the controls over the movement patterns, and develops the power of the neck muscles and retains the stability of the neck.


4.Lifestyle and ergonomic changes


The whiplash treatments stress on improving the of activities with really little strain to the body. Chiropractors talk about factors in , home or recreational activities that can bring about the dysfunctions that result in the whiplash injury. Chiropractors educate the patient about how they can stress to obviate such occurrences.


Chiropractic for whiplash may include use of any of the aforementioned approaches and some others as well. The chiropractic practitioner may also give referrals to other health professionals, if needed. For example, surgery may be required as a last resort.

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Chiropractic Care to Whiplash Injuries

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This article was published on 2011/01/05